SPOR PIHCI Network members have access to funding, workshops, conferences and training. Learn about opportunities and how to apply.

Current Opportunities


Health System Integration Summit – Saskatoon

May 9 & 10 2019

Upcoming Opportunities

None at this moment.

How to Apply

If you are interested in competing for one of these grants, the first step is to contact our office. The second step is to fill out a brief Letter of Interest (LOI) which includes details of the project.  This LOI will be reviewed by members of the Saskatchewan SPOR PIHCI Leadership Council for compliance with provincial and federal priorities.

CIHR grants under SPOR PIHCI all have the following requirements which set them apart from other funding:

    • Patient engagement strategy – patient/community members are partners
    • Interjurisdictional partner – at least one Principle Investigator from another province
    • Matching funds 50% in cash and up to 50% in-kind from non-federal sources
    • Must align with provincial priorities
    • Applicants must be members of SPOR PIHCI

Support from Saskatchewan SPOR PIHCI  for researchers includes:

    • Help in finding and networking with interjurisdictional partners
    • Help in finding and networking with patient partners
    • Coordinate letters of support from provincial partners
    • Pre-application peer review
    • Up to $1000 towards costs of application preparation (grant writer, patient honoraria and travel, etc.)

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